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INSPIRED Sixth Formers Honing Their Entrepreneurial Flair to celebrate our Centenary Year!

Each year, new INSPIRED Sixth Form students gain the opportunity to take over Westies and manage it with their own new ideas and implement their own business strategy. With the School celebrating 100 wonderful years of Westholme this year since being founded in 1923 by Miss Emily Singleton, 2023 will be a very special year indeed...

The Westies Enterprise Scheme is a great way for our INSPIRED Sixth Form students to gain practical business experience whilst at school, and it will help them both with their understanding of their studies – preparing them for their future careers upon leaving school. It is up to the students to manage and update their stock levels, come up with pricing strategies, learn about balance sheets and operate the tills.

Officially opened in 2016, the shop is open at various times throughout the week for students at the senior school to enjoy. It is located inside the foyer of the Croston Theatre and students are regularly seen queuing outside either waiting to buy snacks or some Westholme branded materials.

Brand New Centenary Merchandise!

The current crop of students have been doing a great job so far this year under the careful guidance of Head of Business and Economics, Mrs Law. With the school's Centenary year now upon us, they will have the opportunity to work alongside the Centenary committee and promotions department to promote a brand new range of products that they will be able to sell through the shop to celebrate the Centenary.

The new range includes products such as Westholme Centenary branded teddy bears, umbrellas, notebooks, fine bone china and much more! They will all be available via both the onsite shop and online. This is the first time that students at Westies have been able to sell products via an online platform, which marks an important milestone in the ongoing development of the Westies Enterprise Scheme. The products won't be available to buy anywhere else other than the school shop and the online store, making Westies the focal point of the School's Centenary Merchandise promotional campaign.

As such, 2023 represents a significant opportunity for the Westies student team and we're sure they will gain some invaluable business experience throughout the year which will serve them well in their future careers. It's an exciting time to be involved with Westies and a great opportunity to learn new skills, whilst also having fun along the way!


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