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In September 2015 we set up the Westholme Enterprises scheme for INSPIRED Sixth Form students to develop their business skills and allow them to hone their Entrepreneurial flair by creating their own Private Limited Company. The shop was officially opened by Mr Andrew Hall, Managing Director of James Hall & Co. Ltd in March 2016.

Having a school shop benefits students, staff and visitors to the school but it is the input into the venture by students which really sets Westies apart. They were responsible for its design, location and layout. They worked closely with the schools maintenance team and also source stock by meeting with our catering manager,
staff from James Hall Distribution. 

Westies trade as a Limited Company and the students registered the company, opened a business bank account and developed systems to account for all the income. The students are also involved in producing accurate financial published accounts. Each year, new groups of students in INSPIRED Sixth Form have the opportunity to manage Westies with contribute their own new ideas and business strategy.

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